The vision of Indraprasth Institute of Aeronautics is the creation of a society where any human being enjoys the fullness of life. We shall inculcate Skills and Leadership qualities in future engineers and professionals to ensure to technical development.
Playing a pivotal role to enable the country in developing high caliber Trained Aircraft Maintenance Engineers in the field of Aviation, to take up challenges of the Aviation Industry.


We have the mission to create a pool of engineer’s and professionals with world class competence by imparting exemplary education and training to add value to the society.

Our mission is to make the Institute a ‘Centre of Excellence’ in the field of Aviation Industry. Envisaged as an AME Collage, with highly developed educational infrastructure, Excellent Faculties with an International Standard of Aviation Industry. Collage will be able to make total development of AircraftMaintenance Engineers to become leaders to Modern & Advance Aviation Industry.

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